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The materials used in Luna Giftables jewelry are specified in the description of each product (in most cases, it is 925 sterling silver or 925 silver plated with rhodium or gold). We hold an ANPC Authorization for precious metals with the number 0012612.

Here’s the good news: this indicates that your item is indeed made of silver. The reason silver turns black is due to its oxidation process, which can be accelerated by several factors. The protective coating on silver items can quickly wear away if these factors are not taken into account.

Factors influencing this reaction:

  1. Increased humidity
  2. Prolonged exposure to light
  3. Contact with various cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, and more
  4. Natural oils from your skin (especially during hot weather when perspiration increases, leading to a faster reaction)
  5. Wearing jewelry during activities like sleeping or showering, which can remove the protective coating, causing silver to appear dull.


  1. Minimize contact with perfumes and other products by applying them before putting on your jewelry.
  2. Store your jewelry in a dry, dark place. You can even consider sealing it in a bag for added protection.
  3. During hot weather, be aware that increased perspiration can accelerate oxidation.
  4. Always remove your jewelry before swimming or engaging in similar activities.

The Solution:

Many companies offer silver cleaning kits that not only help maintain your items’ shine but also slow down and remove the effects of oxidation. We also suggest trying everyday toothpaste, as many household toothpaste brands contain the necessary ingredients for cleaning silver. Afterward, remember to rinse and buff your item with a cleaning cloth to maintain its appearance.

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